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Staying Grounded While Celebrating

This week my students are saying they are still full from Thanksgiving feasts. I hope they are full not only with food, but with the love of family and friends as well. During this busy holiday time there are year end deadlines, parties, various emotional roller coasters, and plenty of engagements that prevent us from going about our normal daily routines. Judgement creeps in and derails our sense of fun quickly. How do you stay grounded during this last month of the year? No matter what curves life has in store on your journey this month, allow enough flexibility with your time to enjoy yourself while remembering to stay grounded and balanced.

I wish everyone the most fun holiday season with lots of hot chocolate and tea.

Two things:

1) Treat yourself with honesty instead of negativity. Remember your goals, but allow for some variance so you still have time to enjoy yourself without sabotaging every moment. Don't negatively beat yourself up after you had that extra piece of cake or stayed too late at that party; acknowledge that you made a choice that you can learn from later, and keep moving forward. Make sure you give yourself time for YOU so that you aren't so tired you're spent by the end of the year.

2) Continue practicing mindfulness even if you can't get to the yoga room or gym. Here's a quick practice that you can do anytime, anywhere to reset your brain and refocus on being balanced (i.e. a practice to allow you to stand grounded in the midst of the crazy).

Quick practice to stay grounded while celebrating (or quick practice to stay grounded during any time of change!)....

This thought process can be used to keep you on a nutrition plan, an exercise plan, a party/event plan, and can be used to keep you calm during long hours at work, long lines at the store, and long family gatherings. Staying balanced is not just about re-centering during negative moments, but also staying present in positive moments.

Choose to sit or stand. Align your spine comfortably from your tailbone up through the top of your head by gently engaging your core muscles while keeping the natural curves of the spine. Relax your legs and arms, lift your chin slightly, and either close your eyes or gaze ahead with the eyes relaxed. Focus on the parts of your body touching your chair or the floor. Notice how gravity is holding you up, not holding you down. Imagine yourself growing roots, like a tree or a plant, right through the floor. These roots will keep you stable. Now focus on how the top of your head still has room to lift up. Your body, even as it is grounded, has room to freely move. The stronger our roots, the more balanced we become, and the more prepared we are to be out of our comfort zone, knowing that we can come right back to our roots. Take 5-10 natural breaths. Tell yourself an affirmative message for the present moment, and then on your last breath, let go of the negative feelings. Inhale positive energy from your roots and move forward.

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