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Free Yoga Videos

For all of you running / jogging / walking the Crescent City Classic (CCC), I've released free yoga videos to help you through the final month of training.

Yin Yoga for Runners Photo 1 Firecracker Yogi Free Yoga Video.png

Free Coaching Series

Stepping Stones to Your Next Chapter. Free video series that provides you with actionable steps to walk through the fog of change into your next chapter.


Every Day Meditations for Anywhere

Below is a different way to think of meditation, as well as meditation practices you can use anywhere and practice any time of day.

Stretching Class

Transitioning into the Fall Season

Here are four practices to revisit as often as you need to feel grounded and at peace while things change all around you this season.


Donate to Uplift Woman in NOLA 

I'm running CCC to raise money for JLNO. Donate today! 

Help Cross the Fundraising Goal.png

All About Firecracker Yogi

Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Motivator, Perspective Changer and Owner of Firecracker Yogi LLC


Walking Purposefully Through Change

1:1 virtual coaching to help those that feel stuck finally find their way out of the overwhelming fog of transition ...

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Savvi Clothes

Click below to shop, or click here for team opportunities

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