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Transitioning into the Fall Season

Fall, especially the Fall Equinox, is a great time to move with the transitions this season brings. This is a time of new business, new cities, new homes, new jobs, new relationships. What can be truly exciting for some, can be anxiety inducing for others. Before we get settled into Fall, the holidays are around the corner causing even more change to schedules with events, games, parties, projects, job requirements. Most of us end up so very busy, that we feel like a tornado ushers us from August through December.

There is a way to stay balanced and aligned during this time of year, and even through the holiday season. Here are four practices to revisit as often as you need to feel grounded and at peace while things change all around you. Embrace the change! Make space for new things and experiences! All while keeping your focus on the present to enjoy the moments in the here and now.

Yoga Practice: This practice is a short way to

realign the body, focus on grounding, and find peace in change. Practice Sun Salutes every morning and every night to realign the spine and feel grounded. If you like a more gentle approach, sit in a chair and move your spine in all directions - preferably within the first 5-10 minutes of waking up and the last few minutes before going to bed. Sit tall, lift your arms straight overhead for a breath or two, then release your hands to your side. Gently twist to the right for a breath, then to the left for a breath, then return to center. Inhale, pull your chest forward for a backbend, then exhale, round your back to create an arch; come back to center for a breath. Fold forward over your legs and hold for a few breaths, then slowly rise back to center. Finish by stretching your arms overhead on an inhale, and coming back to center on an exhale. Bow your head forward, then tilt your chin up, then return to center. Stretch your fingers. Wiggle your toes. Sit for

a breath to close. Done!

Meditation Practice: Any time that you feel unsettled by change, and life is requiring more flexibility than you think you have, this meditation can be done in a few seconds or a few minutes. Align your feet so that they're evenly placed on the floor; align your spine so that your hips are in line with your shoulders are in line with your ears. Breathe comfortably and focus on the ground supporting your feet. Repeat to yourself, "I am stable. I am supported. I am balanced. My roots are strong." If you're inviting change, repeat, "I am open to change. I welcome change. I make space for change." Close by taking a few deep breaths, and then giving yourself a thank you - a positive affirmation for taking those moments to reset and balance.

Journaling Practice: If you are not someone that enjoys journaling, this practice is still for you. You can think through this practice, done more as a meditation, without writing anything down. For those of you that enjoy the process of writing, grab your favorite pen and paper to get started. Find a comfortable place where you won't be interrupted for about 5-15 minutes. Even if you are interrupted, this is a practice you can come back to over and over again.

Remember back to the beginning of the year. Where were you in life? Did you make any resolutions? Did you have any goals? Write down anything that stands out to you about where you started the year, and where your mindset was at that time. Then move on through the months, writing down anything that you remember and find relevant now. Does anything stand out? Write down any feelings you have, or things you remember: big changes, challenges, goals made, accomplishments, goals missed.

Now think and write about where you are in life, right now. What is going well? What goals do you have? How are you supporting those goals? Is there anything you miss from earlier in the year that has gone to the wayside? Is there anything you're happy you let go of? Be gentle with yourself, and try not to make this a negative time full of judging. Be honest, truthful, grateful, and affirming.

Finally, think to the future - but not too far. Think about what you have on the horizon from now until the end of year. Is there anything you need to start planning and prepping for now? Are there things from earlier in the year that fell by the wayside that you'd like to pick back up? Or goals that you're tracking to meet by year end? How can you support yourself to stay on track throug

h the end of the year?

Read over your notes. Remind

yourself that you are amazing. You have been through a lot this year, and like every year before, there is a new year coming soon. Breathe. Relax. Stay focused on what truly serves you, and stay focused on the positive that surrounds you. Allow space for change as the season transitions into these colder months, and come back to this exercise to keep adding as the year progresses.

Calendar Practice: Set yourself up for success right now by calendaring selfcare habits into your routine. Exercise time, yoga classes, life coaching, accountability partner check-ins, massages, therapy sessions... whatever you need to have in your routine to stay healthy should be added to your calendar and scheduled before you feel too overwhelmed. Start by making a small list of what you'd like to add (reminder: you can't do everything, so be realistic), and then go down the list and find the time to schedule all necessary appointments in your calendar. Set reminders! Don't let yourself cancel on yourself. You are important.

Interested in adding yoga or coaching to your schedule?

Check out my class schedule here:

Questions about any of the practices? Email or message me @firecrackeryogi on Facebook or Instagram.

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