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Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Motivator, Perspective Changer

Let me help you fire up yourself, your inner light, and your life. With a variety of offerings there is an option that fits exactly what you need to create immediate change in your life. My unique perspective and style ensures our time together is curated for maximum benefit every session. Whether you need physical alignment with yoga, or mental alignment with coaching, we can find a way to help you take those steps to becoming who you want to be, every day. Let's work together to provide your life that shift in perspective you need to start thriving today. We don't survive life. We thrive! 

Nonprofits are a very large part of my life. From supporting arts and education to volunteering with animal rescue and serving on a variety of committees - my passion is serving nonprofits so that everyone in this community thrives. From free classes, to pay what you can, to grant offerings, I am always grateful for opportunities to teach for community partners. Donation classes are a great way to fundraise, and volunteer classes are a great way to help them recharge. Community classes are great way to bring more health and wellness to those that need it most. Let's get a class booked together today! 


A blend of yoga, life coaching and fun, all of my classes are geared toward everybody in any body. My background includes (almost) every style of yoga you've (ne)ever heard of and spreading the benefits of yoga through teaching, speaking engagements, life coaching, and any other opportunity that crosses my path. Session topics range from meditation, philosophy, breath work, to stretching, realignment of body, mind and soul, and delve into perspective changes and vision creation. Book a session with me today to fire yourself up to be your best self!


You're six days away from thriving every day! Join Firecracker Yogi in the release of her newest life coaching project, The Stepping Stones to Your Next Chapter. This is a free video series that provides you with actionable steps to walk through the fog of change into your next lift chapter. You've seen self help projects that tell you the why, but this video series gives you the how. How to move through transition, envision and be who you want to be, and plan the next chapter in your life. Sign up now! 

What students are saying... 

I emphasize the great results I have realized working with Amanda. Her class is the highlight of my week. - Ronald


Amanda is awesome! I enjoyed her classes a lot. She's down-to-earth, open (she shared some personal stories), and a lot of fun. - Lia


I love taking Amanda's classes. She makes you feel comfortable no matter what experience level you are. - Kim


Amanda's focus on alignment based teaching does wonders for the growth and development of your personal practice. - SJ