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Free Yoga Videos in Time for Crescent City Classic Training

Free Virtual Yoga for Runners with Firecracker Yogi

For all of you running / jogging / walking the Crescent City Classic (CCC) April 8th, I've released free yoga video classes to help you through the final month of training. Click here to access the free videos. To access the videos, you'll need to be a site member (also free). Share with friends, and reach out to let me know how your training is going!

You have one month to go. As you ramp up your training, remember that incorporating yoga and other training into your running/walking routine can help you not only finish stronger, but also prevent injury. Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the course.

Variety of videos for any level of practice from traditional vinyasa to chair yoga. All videos are available on desktop or mobile for easy viewing.

  • Pre & Post Run Yoga Class: Use this class to bookend your training; start with a great warm-up of dynamic movement and then cool down with relaxing poses.

  • Yoga for a Runner's Rest Day: 60-minute yoga class to realign your body on your off day

  • Yin Yoga for Runners: Great morning class to help realign from repetitive running/walking and training

  • Relaxing Chair Yoga for the Office: Perfect class to realign your body midday when you're stuck at a desk and your muscles are tight from all that training

  • All Abilities, Relaxing Chair Yoga: Very calming practice that gently realigns the entire body; great class to reset at any time of day from any location

Interested in more videos? Join the Video Membership subscription for $20 a month. Video Membership is also available free when you purchase any class pass or coaching program.

To access the free videos, you must be a site member. If you are not yet a site member, you will be prompted to sign up when you click the free video link. Site membership is a free service that keeps member information safe and allows members to easily book classes, change subscriptions, and manage account settings. Click here to access the free videos.

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