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Walking Purposefully Through Change Life Coach Offer

How to move through change, walk your own path, and build your best life.

Trying to create change can be so overwhelming and lonely. Life gives us transitions and obstacles that we weren’t prepared for, and temporary situations start to become permanent.

Temporary, no matter how long you seem to have been stuck, does not have to be permanent.

This coaching method is the HOW to create that change in your life, and create the life YOU want to live EVERY day.

If you’re tired of trying to go it alone only to find yourself right back at the same place a few weeks or months later, I am definitely the coach you need. Let’s take those first steps out of the fog together, so you never have to go back there again.

I know exactly how confusing the anxiety of the unknown can be, how heavy the load of grief, and how difficult life obstacles are to climb when they show up unannounced. Unplanned life events can derail even the best thought out life path, but I’ve learned proven methods to adjust and get back on track. Over the last decade, I, as so many of you, have had a variety of planned and unplanned life events that sent my path in a completely different direction. Just in the last 10 years I’ve been through cross country moves, career changes, natural disasters, unexpected familial deaths, and of course this most recent world pandemic.

Each life event carries its own time of transition, and each transition - though different - felt similar. The confusion, the fear, the uncertainty, the “now what?” that comes with the answer “I have no idea.” Over and over again I started to pay attention to my response to these life events, and what methods worked best to get me back on track while truly allowing me to process and move forward.

The more I paid attention, the more I saw the method in the middle of what seemed to be the madness of transition. I saw the path of resistance and the cycle I would keep myself in before finally relenting and using my own yoga and life coach training to find my way back to my path - albeit sometimes a new path. I’m here today to share this method with you in a way that is personalized and curated to fit exactly where you are in life, the transition period you are experiencing, the path you want to walk, and the best life YOU want to live EVERY day.

Using my years of teaching and coaching, along with my own personal experiences, I’ve created this personalized coaching method that goes beyond focusing on the happy future in the distance, and instead focuses on the HOW to move past transition.

You know you're ready for change:

> You're tired of people telling you about the possibilities, without telling you HOW to create true change.

You know your life can be different:

> You've read all the self help books, but don't know HOW to apply them to your vision, and your life on a personal level.

You're finally ready to start living the next chapter:

> You keep starting, but don't know HOW to finish because nothing seems to stick for you or your schedule or your vision.

Walking Purposefully Through Change is twelve weeks of Personalization, Guidance, Accountability & More. 1:1 Coaching Sessions > Weekly 30 minute 1:1 sessions to discuss the implementation of your action plan, best next steps, and potential adjustments as you move through the program. Customized Action Plan > An action plan that fits your desired results and gives you the actual steps to immediately see change and start living the life you envision while you become your best self. Check-ins & Digital Vault > Weekly email with action steps and check-ins to keep you steady on your path and manage obstacles with ease. Access to digital resource vault for additional program support.

Experience immediate benefits from day one!

> Feel lighter and happier in the morning when you wake up because you feel positive about your future.

> Feel more in control of your path and more resilient knowing you can handle obstacles with ease.

> Feel a peace and sense of clarity on what you truly desire, exactly where you want to go, and more importantly, becoming who you want to be EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You are ready to...

> Feel alignment with your highest intentions.

> Get back on track to living a life you truly desire.

> Delve into personal work and be honest with yourself.

> Invest time in yourself, and commit to creating everyday change in your life.

> Not only dream about a better future, but ready to make that dream a reality!

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