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New Video Series to Guide You Through Life Transitions

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Transitions are supposed to be temporary. But has temporary started to feel permanent? Some transitions are so heavy, it's easy to become stuck in the cycle of the unknown. Unable to see through the fog of fear and uncertainty, that temporary transition creates a permanent fog over the path ahead.

In my years of teaching and coaching, this moment of transition is where I meet most of my students - seeking guidance, safety, and a clear path on which to step forward. Yet, no matter the transition, the process to step out of the fog is the same. Using the foundation of this process, I created a video series to make it more accessible, and yet still very applicable.

Right now - the series is still completely free. The goal was to add this series to my new video membership, but in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to make sure that everyone has the tools they need to thrive every day.

Take the first step by signing up below for The Stepping Stones to Your Next Chapter video series.

This video series provides you with actionable steps to walk through the fog and set a clear path.

In six videos, you'll learn:

HOW to move through (not sit in) life transitions.

HOW to plan and look forward to the next chapter in your life.

HOW to envision who you will become!

HOW to be who you want to be every day.

HOW to handle setbacks and obstacles with ease.

The best part about this series is that you will learn the actual process. This process can be applied to anyone's life, no matter how big or small the transition. Unexpected life changes? Use this process. Desire to take your life in a different direction? Use this process. This process will show you how to start thriving every day.

I'm here for you every step of the way! Connect with me on social media or by email as you go through the series. Let's chat about what you've learned, the activities that really worked for you, and the success you've found in this process. I can't wait to hear your story of success.

You are six days away from thriving every day!

Need a more personalized approach? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation at any point during the video series for some 1:1 guidance, or check additional offerings here:

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