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Guiding Lights of My Life

During this uncertain time, I want to share teachings that I consider guiding lights in my own life. These are principles I teach quite often to my students, as these concepts and practices shape your mental alignment. Always know that I am here for you. Please reach out if you need. Much love and peace to you all.


Perspective is everything. Perspective is not only understanding the view of someone else, but more importantly, understanding your own view which is created by your goals, hurdles, desires, limitations, strengths, weaknesses, assets, and resources. Perspective is grasping a situation in 360 from all angles, allowing you to better respond to change around you. Perspective does not need to be changed, but obtained in order to clearly see your path forward.

Create space for change. Allow yourself time to adjust and practice new daily habits, responses, and thoughts while you work from where you were toward your desired future. This space is always needed for us to evolve, reevaluate, and move toward a better version of ourselves, and our lives, every day.

Cultivate your relationship with gravity. We all want to fly, yet we could not fly if we did not have gravity. Without gravity we simply float without direction. Think of gravity not as something holding you down, but as the foundation from which you will rise. Additionally, we do not fall into an abyss. We fall into the arms of gravity; a strong, never yielding foundation. Gravity is the soil holding space for your roots from which you will grow, change, and thrive. Cultivate your relationship to gravity so that you always have roots to come back to when you fall. Cultivate your relationship to gravity so that one day, you will not float - you will fly.

I am still teaching private (online) classes including personal development, meditation, asana (poses) practice, and any combination of the above in single class or series style. I will not be teaching group classes online, but can point you in the direction to resources that fit your needs. Please reach out with any questions; happy to help in any way I am able.


Amanda Credeur

Yoga Instructor: E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

Photo credit: Amanda Credeur Botanical Garden, Soufriere, St. Lucia

Finding your path. My path through botanical gardens in Soufriere, St. Lucia.
Soufriere St Lucia by Amanda Credeur

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