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Celebration of Labor

*Read the end for affirmations & gratitude*

Everyone’s definition of relaxing is different. Labor Day weekend is usually a time people try to focus on relaxing, which got me to thinking about what relaxation means to me. The way I was raised, we really didn’t consider relaxation a lack of work, per say. Days off were spent with family and usually included quite a bit of labor in the process of being around family and friends. Relaxation was found in the moments after we finished a labor of love project, and that still rings true for me today. Using that definition, I relaxed a LOT this weekend as I spent my time crossing of a ton of to-dos from my labor of love projects list, while simultaneously spending time with family. Though I definitely expending quite a bit of energy, I feel whole, renewed, and relaxed.

I hope that no matter how you prefer to relax, or however you define relaxation, that you were able to celebrate all of your amazing labor this year. After all, that's what Labor Day really is - a celebration of your labor.

If you didn’t celebrate all of your labor, let me help you with some self recognition right now.

You have worked hard, and you have accomplished your goals.

You have labored everyday in a multitude of ways, and you have achieved more than words can easily describe.

Your effort and intention has made great impact all around you.

You are appreciated. You are deserving of praise. You are more than enough. You are worthy of recognition.

Repeat after me:

I am appreciated. I am deserving of praise. I am more than enough. I am worthy of recognition.

Please never forget, that we are all grateful for everything you have done, and everything you strive to do everyday. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I appreciate your labor, especially your labors of love.

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