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This Year's Birthday Focus

Birthday Wish

Most people start off the New Year with a resolution and then trudge through the rest of winter on the way to Spring. I start off every year with three months of family birthdays and anniversaries, including my own. Those months leading into Spring are always filled with plenty of celebration, but also reflection. Coming right off of the New Year resolution-focused craze are plenty more days for reflection on another year of my life, another year of my husband’s life, and another year married.

My favorite phrase is still, Perspective is everything!

I remember my focus last year of creating more judgement free zones, and I try not to judge myself on the results.

I remember back to 2010; that was the year I started a deep personal focus on Acceptance. Then 2011 was the year I realized Acceptance will always be the biggest hurdle on my journey.

Already in 2018 we’ve started off the year with a new family member, new friends, and new journeys. Which leads to this year’s focus, creating space. I remind my students to create space when practicing poses, but honestly, we should always create space in life as well. Yes, cultivate our roots to build a strong foundation, but also create space to breathe and have room for change.

These are the things that run through my mind every year I blow out a birthday candle. May my thoughts lead you to personal reflection as you progress this year on your journey. I’m always open to discussion on these topics; I would love to hear your views over coffee or read a message with your thoughts.

Shanti Peace to you all.

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