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Back to the Beginning

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2016

Last year this website switched over to and received a facelift in the process. Unfortunately there was no way to blog on the new site, and for all the simplicity and clean lines I just never liked it as much as my original site. Well I'm going back to the beginning, just like this picture. Snapped at the 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, there's the obvious sign in the sky, "SOUL" and the less obvious sign for the Louisiana Folk Village. As I walked through the Folk Village I saw so many things that reminded me of my upbringing here in Southern Louisiana. The nearest stage was playing Cajun (French) music, so I took a seat. Many things are written in the sky at the festival, but none of them were as meaningful to me as the one written in this moment. On the grass, barefoot, listening to the music of my people, I could feel the happiness in my soul. This moment was a beautiful reminder that looking back can be refreshing. Going back to the beginning, to my roots, has been a focus for me these past few years. I reflect on the beginning of many decisions, such as yoga. Reminding myself why I practice yoga, is more important than reminding myself why I chose to teach. Without one there would not be the other. Without reminders of why we began on a path, we can quickly lose our way. We spend so much time being selfless, moving down our path, focusing on getting "there", moving further and further away from our beginning. Not to say that we should try to relive the past, but we should at least look back. Take a moment to feel the the roots at the foundation of our being; the roots that connect us with our past and will hold us up as we move toward the future. Take a look back and reflect on the beginning as a way to reevaluate the here and now, and refocus on the path forward. Here's to going back to the beginning while moving forward.

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