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This time 4 years ago...

On this day four years ago, I was in St. Lucia marrying my college sweatheart. With 20 family members and friends in tow, we enjoyed over a week on the beach just relaxing and spending quality time together. There are many beautiful pictures of the beaches, of our family and friends, of us hanging out on the ruins on Pigeon Island. But this picture, this shows how excited we really were to finally be getting married. This picture shows our pure joy right after the ceremony during our first dance to the steel pan. I remember quite a bit about our wedding day, especially the joy of that moment. I also remember how I started my day off right, with yoga.

My yoga practice was there for me, as it is every day. I practiced alone, on the hotel room balcony. From our balcony I could see the beach a few miles away where we would be getting married that afternoon. The afternoon destination in my sights, my practice ebbed and flowed through many inversions and backbends. I was so full of joy, and my practice was flowing with heart openers! I added in a few standing poses and arm balances to make sure I would be grounded the rest of the day. When I was finished I could feel the peace flowing through my breath. That feeling of peace is why I practice. The yearning for that feeling is why I practiced this morning.

Today, my husband and I are apart; living in two different cities as we traverse the rough terrain of a multi-month, cross country move. So today, as I think of how much I miss him, the stress we're going through with our move, the excitement of us moving home, the joy of starting a new chapter in the city where we met, the day we were married four years ago... I am very grateful to have my yoga practice to help me find that inner peace. Thankfully, as every day before, my practice served me.

The inversions and backbends from four years ago were replaced with forward folds and reclining poses to rejuvenate and comfort. As my practice came to a close, I felt this very welcome peace flowing through my breath. I'll try and hold this feeling for as long as I can, and recall this even breath throughout the day. If nothing else, I'll be comforted by the fact that tomorrow morning, once again, my practice will be there to provide what I need for that day.

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