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I'm Moving!

First, a big, huge thank you to all of you that have supported me in Silver Spring, MD & Washington, D.C. these past 6 1/2 years. Living so far from home would never have been so enjoyable without this amazing yoga community (especially my students!). Second, the huge announcement: I am relocating home, to New Orleans, LA. Most of you know that I am originally from LA, so this should not be a huge surprise to hear that I am finally returning home. Just as work brought me to Washington, D.C., so work shall bring me home. While I am saddened to be leaving my students, I know that I will definitely be seeing some of you again. This website, along with Facebook & Twitter, will have updates for everything yoga-related I'll be doing. Please keep in touch with me, and if you're ever in New Orleans, I hope I can show you around. Much love!

~ Shanti & Namaste

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